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Four-story fall claims the life of construction worker

The construction industry in Pennsylvania is one of the most dangerous. Each day, construction workers face several significant risks including falls from heights and the hazards of working in close proximity to hazardous conditions, electricity and heavy machinery. While many companies go to great lengths to mitigate these risks and protect the safety and wellbeing of their workers, accidents can still happen. In serious cases, an accident could result in death. 

This is what happened in a recent construction accident in Birmingham, Alabama after a man fell four stories from scaffolding. He was part of a team working on the construction of a luxury apartment complex when the accident happened. Witnesses said the man fell from the 13th floor to the ninth floor and succumbed to his injuries. The incident is still under investigation to uncover what may have caused the man to fall. Authorities did reveal that as of right now, the incident appears to be nothing more than a tragic accident. It is suspected that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will conduct their own investigation into the accident. 

If people have been injured in a construction accident and are seeking workers’ compensation for their injuries, they may wish to enlist the help of an attorney. Legal professionals are experienced in being able to gather evidence and create a case that is factual and succinct. With their help, injured workers can focus their time and energy on their recovery and healing. 

Source:, “Man dies after falling from construction site in Birmingham,” Sept, 13, 2018