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Can the likelihood of truck accidents be predicted?

When a large truck has an accident in Pennsylvania, it often is the smaller vehicles that suffer the most damage and those drivers suffer the worst injuries. It is beneficial to everyone on the roads to help find ways to prevent trucking accidents. Many companies already have devices in place and use other methods to help predict drivers who are at risk of getting into an accident, according to Forbes.

Predictive analysis is often used to check on drivers. This method looks at your schedule to see when you are driving. This includes the time of day you drive and the number of hours you log behind the wheel. Companies gather this information through devices installed on the vehicle to prevent any human error.

In addition, some companies make use of various cameras to monitor the driver’s behavior. You may have a camera that records what happens on the roadway around you and another one monitoring what you do when behind the wheel. Having both types of cameras provide a lot of information that can help determine if you are at high risk of getting into an accident due to drivers and situations in which you drive or due to your own behavior.

Using predictive analysis, companies can find patterns of risky behavior that may likely end in an accident. They also can better determine certain actions that are more likely to lead to an accident. If they notice issues with your driving or the situations in which you drive, they can provide counseling and offer other help to reduce the chances of you getting into an accident. This information is for education and is not legal advice.