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Fog and the risk of an auto crash

Motor vehicle accidents have many causes, from human error to deer darting across the road at night. However, weather conditions have also caused many crashes and it is particularly important to be aware of the risks associated with driving while it is foggy. During this time of the year, many parts of the country experience dense fog and there are different ways that this can lead to an accident. In Pennsylvania and all across the region, fog can prevent a driver from being able to see the road well and this poor visibility can lead to a fatal accident.

Sadly, many lives have been lost due to these accidents and many more people have sustained serious injuries. When it is very foggy out, a driver may not be able to see oncoming traffic and they could even struggle to see the road, which could cause them to veer into another lane or drive off the road altogether. Moreover, even if one driver goes slow and is cautious during periods of heavy fog, they may be struck by someone else who is driving far too fast during the poor conditions.

Sometimes, it makes the most sense to just stay off of the road while it is foggy. Furthermore, if you were hit by someone who was not driving safe in the fog because they were speeding or under the influence of alcohol, pursuing legal action may be the right move. Sadly, many more auto crashes will occur in the days and weeks to come.