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Neighbors shocked to learn drugs factor in Pa. utility pole crash

While the use of opioids, marijuana and other controlled substances is increasingly a factor in car crashes, it may not be readily apparent to others that a driver has been using drugs until an accident occurs. The neighbors of a 27-year-old man who recently crashed his vehicle into a utility pole in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania describe him as a good student, polite and a “really nice boy” and felt shocked upon learning that he had been under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident. 

Nevertheless, according to court records, the driver had had two previous arrests for drug possession and DUI. Authorities claim that he snorted heroin prior to the accident and claim that reviving him required three doses of Narcan, a medication administered via nasal spray to counteract the effects of narcotic use in emergency situations. 

The collision occurred on Sunday afternoon. It is not known exactly how fast the driver was going at the time of the accident, but he hit the pole with such velocity that the vehicle became wedged between the two broken pieces when the pole split in half. 

The driver’s current condition is not known, nor is it known whether legal action against him is pending. Neighbors report that he still lives with his parents in the neighborhood where he grew up. 

Although the outer signs can be subtle and easily missed by neighbors, drivers who abuse drugs can do great harm to others as well as themselves when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Those who have sustained an injury in an accident caused by another driver, regardless of whether or not drugs were a factor, may find it helpful to contact an attorney.