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Safe walking procedures that may help keep disaster at bay

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Personal Injury |

As warmer weather continues to set in, you may prefer to stay off Pennsylvania roads and do most of your traveling on the sidewalk. With clearly marked crosswalks and traffic lights with walk signals at many intersections, it may seem like there has never been a safer time to be a pedestrian.

However, with growing concerns such as distracted driving, the threat to pedestrian safety remains ever present. While you may find it nearly impossible to react quickly enough to avoid a fast-moving vehicle, there are steps you can take that could help reduce the odds that a collision will take place.

Tips to stay safe as a pedestrian

As a pedestrian, you are inherently slower and have much less in the way of protective barriers than those traveling in motor vehicles. As such, seeking ways to increase your safety while traveling on your own two feet could prove imperative, and some of these tips include:

  • Remain alert: Distraction affects drivers and pedestrians alike, and as you walk near traffic, staying alert could be vital to spotting a potential disaster before it strikes.
  • Awareness is key: Maintaining constant awareness of your surroundings could also help reduce the chances that an unfortunate scenario will take place by a substantial margin.
  • Visibility as an issue: As a pedestrian, you are more difficult to spot out on the road, especially during times of decreased visibility, and finding ways to be more visible is advisable.
  • Eye contact before crossing: Even if a traffic signal indicates it is time to cross the road, looking both ways and making eye contact with any nearby drivers is likely safer than assuming the driver will yield the right of way.
  • Spacing on sidewalks: When on the sidewalk, it may also be helpful to allow as much distance between you and nearby moving vehicles as possible.

Unfortunately, you can only control so much of what takes place while you are out walking, and should you encounter a negligent driver who strikes you, the results of the collision could prove devastating.

When the unthinkable occurs

Pedestrian-related accidents run a greater risk of having cataclysmic outcomes for the pedestrian, and if a car hits you, you may suffer serious harm in the process that could affect the rest of your life. If the other driver’s negligent actions caused the crash, you could choose to seek guidance on your available legal avenues. By speaking with someone with experience in personal injury law, you may find yourself in a much better position to pursue the full amount of restitution you deserve through a personal injury lawsuit.