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Traffic signal deaths reach a 10-year high

While there are laws in place that currently prohibit Pennsylvania motorists from texting behind the wheel, many people continue to do so, anyway, and they often do so while parked at red lights. At Douglas, Joseph & Olson, Attorneys at Law, we recognize that texting behind the wheel at red lights, while common, is only one of several reasons traffic light car wrecks are on the rise, and we have assisted many clients who were hurt or who lost loved ones in intersection car crashes pursue legal recourse to help them move forward.

According to NBC News, a total of 939 people lost their lives in car crashes where drivers blew through red lights in 2017, which is 28% more than the number of lives lost due to the same circumstances in 2012. It’s also the highest number of reported traffic signal-related road deaths since 2008, indicating a need for increased enforcement at busy intersections.

To help curb the number of road deaths at traffic signals, some cities and towns are relying more and more on traffic light cameras that snap images of red-light runners. These cameras have noticeable flashes, which can help raise awareness among drivers, and they also record a motorist’s license plate information so the driver can receive a fine.

Just how much such measures are helping curb the problem is unclear, however. To better protect yourself when making your way through intersections with traffic signals, maintain a heightened state of awareness when doing so. You may, too, want to wait a brief moment after the light becomes green before making your way through the intersection. You can find more about car wrecks on our webpage.