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Possible causes and ramifications of work-related accidents

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

A work-related accident could occur at virtually any moment and under a multitude of circumstances. While some fields of profession may be inherently more hazardous than others, safety risks may exist in nearly all work environments in Pennsylvania, and the outcome of an accident could take a significant toll on your life.

Whether you operate from behind a desk or with and around heavy-duty machines, knowing what types of safety risks may lie nearby could prove vital to promoting a safer workplace environment. However, while this could help reduce the risks of an accident, it might not always be enough to prevent one from occurring.

Common causes

It is no secret that being involved in a workplace accident can be a daunting experience, and the fallout of such an incident could create various hardships in your life. Some of the most prevalent causes of work-related accidents could include:

  • Slip and fall: Slip and fall accidents continue to be a major concern in many industries. Some common causes of such incidents include slippery surfaces, loose floor mats and inadequate lighting.
  • Overexertion: Studies also indicate that overexertion is a leading cause of many work-related incidents. Such accidents may stem from activities involving high physical effort or repetitive motions.
  • Falling objects: Falling objects are another prevalent concern for employees in various fields. Even an object that falls from a short distance can pose a significant threat to your safety.
  • Floor clutter: Floor clutter and debris can create dire trip hazards. Accidents stemming from similar safety concerns can pose a significant threat to your health.

It could also be helpful to know some of the steps to take after an accident occurs, such as documenting the scene, reporting the incident and seeking medical attention for any injuries you suffer.

Seeking compensation

A work-related accident may not only cause you to suffer severe harm, but it could also leave you facing extensive medical expenses and a long road to recovery. When combined with a possible loss of wages, such issues could cause you to experience periods of significant financial strain.

Following such an experience, it could be in your best interests to seek insight on your available options for financial aid and the next steps to take to protect your future. In doing so, you could become better prepared to pursue the full amount of compensation available through every applicable outlet.