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Car seat accessories create hidden hazards for children

For many doting parents in Pennsylvania, their number one concern is the health and well-being of their children. Many parents go to extensive efforts to make sure their children are comfortable and have access to all of the things they need to keep them happy and safe. However, in some circumstances, a good intention can actually create a more dangerous problem than ever anticipated. 

A Georgia mother is warning other parents of infants after her 2-month-old daughter was involved in a serious car accident. Like many parents, the baby’s mother had strapped her in tightly to her car seat. The base was buckled securely into the backseat of her vehicle. Also, like many parents, the mother had installed soft, sheep-skin strap covers on her infant’s car seat straps to keep them from rubbing the baby’s skin and making her uncomfortable. However, she is now issuing an urgent warning to other parents about the dangers of adding accessories that are not a part of the manufactured product. She claims the sheepskin covers created a slippery surface causing her baby to slide right out of her straps during the rollover.

Fortunately, despite being thrown into the back of the vehicle, the baby only suffered a small injury to her arm, but her mother acknowledges that the outcome could have been much worse. Investigators found the baby’s car seat still attached to the base with all of the seatbelts fastened. Experts say the same type of thing could happen if parents put large jackets on their children before strapping them into their car seat. 

If parents are dealing with the injury or loss of their child because of a car accident, they may benefit from working with an attorney. This may allow them to receive direction through the legal aftermath of their accident and more time to focus on recovery.

Source: Boston 25 News, “Mother warns parents after infant thrown from car seat during crash,” Christian Jennings, Mar. 29, 2018