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What Is An Equitable Division Of Property In Pennsylvania?

An equitable division of your marital estate is one that looks to many factors to make a final decision. The goal in such a division is to reach an outcome that is fair to both sides in the divorce. We can help you figure out exactly what that looks like.

At Douglas, Joseph & Olson Attorneys At Law, we’ve been diligent, consistent and compassionate divorce attorneys since 1994. We have worked hard for our clients in Hermitage and Jamestown and across Mercer County, showing them the way forward through the often complicated wilds of Pennsylvania divorce law. More than that, we listen and care about our clients and stake our reputation on a high level of service.

What Does Fair Look Like?

Fairness is often a scarce resource in any area of the law, but in a divorce, it can feel almost non-existent. However, with us on your side, you can trust that we will work tirelessly to pursue what makes sense and what is fair for you in your property division matters.

In the end, the decision over how the estate is divided will lie with the court, which will look at many factors, including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The relative assets of both parties
  • Tax outcomes of dividing property
  • The relative age and health of each party

Our goal is to build an amicable outcome that maintains everyone’s dignity. Additionally, if you enter into the court with a property agreement in hand that all sides are happy with, then in virtually every instance, that’s the agreement that will come out.

Understanding Separate And Marital Property

The difference between separate and marital property is the biggest question we get when our clients talk to us. However, the difference is plain. Marital property is all the property that you acquired during the marriage, with a few important exceptions, such as:

  • Inheritances to just one person
  • Personal injury settlements
  • Gifts to just one person

Those items, along with all property owned prior to the marriage, are separate property and should not be part of any property division discussion.

Hard Work That Pays Off

We work as hard as you need us to. Getting through a property division issue takes work and effort. However, with our experience and reputation for compassionate service, we can make a substantial impact on your case. Call our office today to get started at 724-704-0554 or send us an email.