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What To Know About Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Pennsylvania

Receiving the appropriate amount of benefits after a work injury can make the difference in your recovery. It’s important to understand what you’re entitled to so you can ensure you’re getting a fair settlement. All too often, employers fall short in their responsibility to provide fair benefits.

However, it can be difficult to predict the exact amount of compensation you can receive after being hurt at work. There are several indications and averages to consider.

Workers’ Comp Statistics In Pennsylvania

According to the Workers’ Compensation Act, employees are entitled to wage-loss benefits that are equivalent to two thirds of their weekly pay for injuries that occurred at work. This is the general rate, but there are often other considerations, like minimum and maximum adjustments.

In 2023, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor, the maximum weekly rate was $1,273. The benefit rate is determined by using the annual maximum in place at the time of the employee’s injury. The maximum is set by the Department of Labor’s evaluation of the state’s average weekly rate.

The process of determining this is slightly complicated, but an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help give people a better estimate of what they should receive.

What Can You Use Compensation For?

Workers’ compensation is designed to help employees recover and get back on their feet after an injury. But there are limits to what you can use your benefits for. This compensation is primarily designed to provide wage-loss benefits to employees, as well as compensate for medical expenses caused by the injury, illness or other conditions. These benefits can also help cover expenses related to long-term disabilities

Workers’ compensation cannot be used to cover pain and suffering. In some personal injury cases, victims can recover compensation for this, but it does not fall under the umbrella of workers’ compensation. It also does not cover job security.

Get More Information

The workers’ compensation process is often complicated and difficult to navigate. It does not always serve employees the way it should. However, an experienced attorney can help people ensure they get what they need to recover.

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