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Finding A Less Contentious Child Support Solution For Families In Hermitage

When it comes to highly distracting matters in family law, few are as large as child support. Any issue that involves children or money tends to be a high-stakes, high-energy procedure, and support has both. However, there is a way forward that seeks a working, amicable solution.

At Douglas, Joseph & Olson Attorneys At Law, we put you and your family first. We will be ahead of all the dramatic, painful disruptions that often come with family law, seeking a solution that keeps away from a bigger, more expensive fight. We’ve helped countless families in Hermitage and Jamestown find a smarter, happier way forward through child support issues.

Understanding The Child Support Equation

While the issue of child support can be highly fraught, the reality of it is that the state of Pennsylvania uses a strict formula to make its decision. The state offers worksheets that you fill out with your financial information and then sets an appropriate amount.

The factors included are:

  • Both spouses’ income
  • Both spouses’ financial resources (family wealth, homes)
  • Educational needs of the child
  • Medical needs of the child

Once the court examines these issues, the appropriate amount of support is set. However, there is a great deal of nuance to these proceedings, and we can help guide you through that with compassion. Our hope is to get you an agreement that works.

Modifications Are Sometimes Necessary

Despite all the work we put into an initial agreement, the hope that they’ll be indefinite is misguided. When child support can no longer work as is, either because your circumstances have changed or your child’s needs have become greater or lesser, we are there.

We can help you build the case to modify the support order to reflect your current reality.

We’re Here To Listen. We’re Here To Work.

When you’re ready to talk about your child support questions, reach out to us. We have the experience and knowledge to help you take control of your issue. We will work hard to find a solution that makes your life easier and decreases the anxiety these issues cause you. Contact us today at 724-704-0554 or send us an email to get a free consultation.