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Making Sure You Get The Workers’ Compensation Settlement You Deserve In Erie County

After suffering workplace injuries or illnesses that result in the loss of your earning capacity, the insurance provider may offer you a settlement. However, insurers usually offer much less than you deserve. You should not accept a settlement without consulting a workers’ compensation attorney.

Since 1994, our workers’ compensation lawyers at Douglas, Joseph & Olson Attorneys At Law have represented workers in workers’ compensation claims of all varieties. We serve people hurt at work in communities throughout Western Pennsylvania, including Mercer, Erie and Crawford counties. We are ready to help you seek benefits to cover your losses due to a work-related disability.

How Does The Settlement Process Work?

The process of filing a claim and negotiating a workers’ comp claim settlement or proceeding to litigation can be complicated. Some of the steps you will encounter include:

  • Determining whether your injury or illness is related to your job
  • Calculating your loss of earning potential
  • Facing litigation from an insurance company that does not want to pay your full claim
  • Negotiating a fair lump-sum or structured settlement
  • Submitting the settlement for approval, if you are enrolled in Medicare

The road is a very challenging one filled with paperwork, loopholes, challenges and bureaucracy. We can handle the steps of the process while you focus on fulfilling your home and social duties.

Why Hire An Attorney?

Settlements are a one-time offer. Once you accept, you cannot go back and negotiate for more – even if you discover that you have more damages. That’s why it is crucial that we help you the first time around to make sure that you receive every single cent you deserve in workers’ compensation benefits.

Before You Accept A Settlement, Talk To Us For Free

Insurance companies and employers have powerful workers compensation lawyers on their side. You should, too. Please get in touch with us to discuss your rights before you accept any settlement offers. To request a free initial consultation, please send us an email or call our offices in Hermitage and Jamestown at 724-704-0554.