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What Is The Most Important Factor In Pennsylvania Child Custody Cases?

Every court in Pennsylvania looks to the best interests of the child to resolve any question of custody. The court only wants to put the child in the safest, most advantageous position they can.

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How Courts Define ‘Best Interests’

When we say best interests, we are talking about a specific, codified review of the facts of the child’s life. The court has important standards to consider, and it will make the decision based on the answers to many questions, including:

  • What is the child’s mental health like?
  • How is the child’s education going?
  • Is their domicile physically, emotionally and mentally stable?
  • Are there any extended family members nearby?
  • Is there any history of drug or alcohol abuse with either parent?

The court will discover an answer to these questions. Our duty here as your lawyers would be to present you in the best light, building a case around the strength of your relationship with the child.

Does The Child’s Choice Matter?

Pennsylvania law does allow for the child to have some input into where they live. However, the law includes language that takes many factors into account, including the child’s maturity. Realistically, this means that a child’s wishes, if they are even as old as 14 or 15, are only one piece of the puzzle and not weighted any differently.

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