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We Help Secure Real Estate Deals

Looking for a home and selling a home are some of the highest stress actions a person will ever experience. The housing market – even when it’s a good one – isn’t easy, and you may need a great deal of help, especially when it comes to the legal side of things.

At Douglas, Joseph & Olson Attorneys At Law, we’ve built a reputation in Hermitage and across Crawford and Mercer counties for thoroughness and compassion. We work hard to get results for you in any area of the law we practice, and that goes double for real estate. What sets real estate issues apart is how much money is at stake.

Put Your Trust In Us

Since 1994, we’ve put an earnest effort into building trust with our clients. We treat all of our clients with the care and respect they deserve, listening closely to their issues and working to find solutions.

In real estate, we provide transactional representation to residential clients. This means individuals looking to purchase a home or those looking to sell them can come to us to help finalize these situations. The truth is that real estate law in Pennsylvania can make anyone feel out of their depth.

Personalized Solutions

Each of the clients we work with gets our total commitment to their case. We can personalize your solutions greatly, allowing for flexibility. While we aren’t necessarily the largest firm, we make up for that with our experience, insight and work ethic.

We learn about your legal issues from the ground up and find unique ways forward.

Confidence. Consistency. Compassion.

We guide you through the domestic home purchase and sales process with deep attention paid to what you worry about. We address your fears about your home purchase and help you find the path forward. Without help, you can find the home you want and purchase it.

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