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Representing Buyers During Residential Real Estate Transactions

The first part of buying a home is securing financing; the second part is the actual search. Looking for a house for your family can be a long, arduous process, but when you put your offer in and it’s accepted, there’s nothing like it. But the journey is far from over.

At Douglas, Joseph & Olson Attorneys At Law, we are experienced and respected real estate lawyers. We work with clients from in Hermitage and Jamestown and across Crawford County to provide you with a highly compassionate and thorough legal experience.

We Help Identify – And Resolve – Title Issues

It must be recognized that the title search for a property can reveal massive, often disqualifying, issues. There could be problems with the home that the sellers don’t even know about. Disrupted deeds are highly problematic and are often the result of such issues as:

  • Improperly filed original deeds
  • Issues with an estate sale
  • Unpaid inheritance taxes
  • Mechanic’s liens on a home

Any issue that arises in the title search can lead to major problems with the sale and purchase of that home.

Our team can meticulously research a home’s title history and identify problems. We can also guide you through how to resolve those problems to get a clean title history for your title insurance company.

Resolving Tax Issues Is Extremely Complex

When a property is claimed and redeemed by the Pennsylvania Tax Claim Bureau, you have several issues. We would have to closely review the following notices, affidavits and other disclosures to discover issues. In many cases, a home in this position is a substantial legal risk, but if this is your choice, we’ll work hard to pursue it.

Putting You In The Right Place

The end goal of our work is to help you secure the home or residence you want. It doesn’t matter if this is a primary residence or a second home; you deserve the service and attention we provide. Call our office at 724-704-0554 or send an email to schedule your meeting with us.