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Representing Sellers In Residential Real Estate Matters

Whether you’re looking to upgrade, downsize or sell a property you inherited, selling a home seems like it should be easy. It’s a lot more complex than you may realize.

At Douglas, Joseph & Olson Attorneys At Law, we’ve been a team of lawyers helping people in Hermitage, Jamestown and across Crawford County with real estate law issues since 19994. We’ve got a reputation for fairness and compassion, for hard work and attentiveness. You can count on a committed and thorough attorney to help you sell your home by answering your questions. However, one big question you may have to start with is this:

‘Why Do I Need A Real Estate Attorney When Selling My Home?’

As we mentioned above, selling a home isn’t easy, and there are many reasons for that. You may think hiring a realtor is all the help you need, but a realtor often has a few goals beyond just selling your home. A real estate attorney, on the other hand, only has your best interests at heart.

Hiring a real estate attorney to assist you with selling your home can help smooth out the details in complex sales. Your attorney can help you draft or satisfy requested contingencies as part of the sales process or handle title defects discovered.

Additionally, as your attorneys, we will ensure all closing documentation is accurate and without issue.

Resolving Complexities Of Inherited Property

Selling a home you inherited is a notoriously difficult process. Because of the way homes go through probate and how the inheritance tax laws work in Pennsylvania, any number of issues can arise.

However, we are skilled and respected probate attorneys, and we can use our insight into those areas of the law to resolve the issues you face.

Attentive. Detailed. Trusted.

We work hard for our clients, and it shows in the success they have in their home sales. Our goal is to watch out for you and ensure the security and strength of your deals. We’re on your side the whole way.

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