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Helping Clients Buy And Sell Homes

We are in the business of securing home sales. That means we work directly with individuals seeking to buy or sell a piece of residential property. When you need the attention of a skilled team to back you up in your purchase or sale, turn to us.

We are Douglas, Joseph & Olson Attorneys At Law. Since 1994, we’ve built a reputation for highly attentive service and thoroughness in Hermitage and Jamestown, and across Crawford County. We understand Pennsylvania’s real estate laws and can help guide you through the issues that can halt a successful sale. We consistently help our clients with such issues as:


Your deed is the major document in every home sale, and it can carry significant issues. Deeds with defects can quickly and completely stall any sale, and in many cases, it requires significant legal work to resolve. We can help you save time and money in discovering issues and resolving them quickly.

Sales agreements

A sales agreement is a straightforward contract that outlines all the parties and their obligations to each other during the sale. These agreements can come with many contingencies and other requests that must be respected. Our team can help you draft and review any sales agreement.

Title Searching

Performing – and resolving – a  title search is a massively complex area of the law. Pennsylvania title can confuse people, but it is essential to secure title insurance that is vital to your sale. We can perform the title search and provide you with the necessary documents to prove a clean title or a guide to clean up any such issues.

Closing documents

Closing on a home is the end goal, and closing documents are majorly important. They must be accurate and accurately signed by all parties. Additionally, the closing itself is a serious moment where motivations and personal opinions can cause issues. We can guide you through the closing process with confidence and skill.

We’re Ready To Get To Work

We are a hardworking team, and we know how much this sale means to you and your family. We care about securing the outcome you wish and provide consistent, diligent service and continual communication to move forward.

Reach out to us today to find out more about our residential real estate law services by calling 724-704-0554 or sending us an email.