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Working with metal means constant risks for workers

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Sitting second in the top industries for Pennsylvania is fabricated metal products, with over 11 percent of state residents working with metal fabrication companies. It plays a crucial role in the state’s economy and puts Pennsylvania in the top six states for potential job growth.

However, with any prevalent industry comes the risk of injuries for its employees. It is especially true for those who interact with metal or industrial materials on a daily basis.

Common dangers for metal fabrication

Fabricators perform multiple duties every day, from welding to manufacturing ferrous materials. Not only do they multitask between projects, but they are also surrounded by potential workplace accidents everywhere they go. The most common dangers include:

  1. Falling – slips, trips and falls are fairly frequent in most offices, but the falls can quickly turn severe with the number of power tools and machinery nearby.
  2. Machinery – even with proper training, it’s easy for a small mistake to be made will welding specific materials and cause a physical injury. There is also the possibility of carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis over time.
  3. Heavy lifting – most operators lift heavy materials from one station to another. Without the correct techniques, employees experience back trauma from minor sprains to invertebral disc injuries.
  4. Poor safety features – if guardrails or improperly maintained (or ignored altogether), staff may injure themselves in a variety of ways, including losing a limb.

How to stay safe in the shop

With the variety of hazards present in metal-working shops, it’s critical for employees to stay safe and pay attention to the environment around them. It’s helpful for staff members to stay up to date on current safety guidelines and limit their exposure to possibly dangerous activities.

However, even the most attentive employees may be involved in an accident. Employees should consider seeking out compensation for medical treatment for any work-related injuries through their employer.