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Can I get workers’ comp for a car crash?

In Pennsylvania, you could get workers’ compensation benefits for most injuries you received while you were working — regardless of whether you were on premises owned or leased by your employer. Location may not matter as much as you think, or as much as people may have led you to believe. Injuries sustained while you were driving could qualify for workers’ compensation benefits in some cases, for example.

Aside from receiving medical treatment, your highest priority would probably be determining whether you were at work when the accident happened. There are certain facts that could support this claim, making your incident more likely to qualify for coverage.

As mentioned on FindLaw, one of the central legal concerns in any dispute you might have regarding workers’ comp in Pennsylvania would probably be whether you were acting to further your employer’s business interests. For example, if you were injured in an auto accident while making deliveries for your employer, you could be entitled to compensation just as if you were working at an office or a job site.

Even in cases where things are not as well defined, you may still be able to claim benefits. A court might decide that you are entitled to coverage under workers’ compensation if you were traveling between facilities owned by your employer during normal business hours as part of your regular duties, for example. An accident that occurred during your regular commute may not be as strong of a claim, but you could still have alternative opportunities to receive competition from other parties involved in the crash.

The best way to know if you have a chance for coverage would be to examine the details of your case. This is not meant as any type of legal advice. Is only background information.