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Why you should make important medical decisions in advance

You cannot predict the future, and you cannot control what will happen in the months or years ahead. However, one productive thing you can do is to plan well for all contingencies, including medical incapacitation or an emergency situation. It may not seem pleasant to consider your potential medical care needs, but this is an important step for all Pennsylvania adults. There are significant benefits to making certain critical decisions in advance.

Through specific estate planning strategies, you can make important decisions for yourself. You do not have to hope that things work out or that your loved ones make good decisions, but you can outline your preferences and wishes now. This step not only allows you to control certain things, but it also provides you the chance to protect your loved ones as well.

The benefits of advanced directives

One of the most important reasons why you should have advanced directives in place is that it will take the responsibility of making critical decisions for your medical care out of the hands of your loved ones. It can be stressful and emotional to make medical decisions for someone else in an emergency, and they may not know what you want. That is why you will benefit from a living will, which is a document that outlines your preferences for certain interventions, including CRP or blood transfusions.

It is difficult to address every possible scenario in a living will, which is why it is helpful to create a health care power of attorney. This is a document that names a specific person to act on your behalf and make decisions if you are unable to do so for yourself. This acts in conjunction with other documents, and it would only apply to situations not specifically outlined in your living will.

A complete estate plan

Health care planning is an important part of creating a comprehensive estate planning strategy. Every adult will benefit from not only addressing what will happen to their physical assets in the future, but their potential medical needs as well. If you find this to be a daunting prospect, you may find it helpful to speak with a professional regarding your estate planning needs. Whatever plan you create can be custom-tailored to your individual needs and objectives.