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What Erie Workers Must Know About Workers’ Compensation In Pennsylvania

Once a high-profile hub of manufacturing, Erie used to have a labor workforce dominant in the manufacturing industry. Now, Erie’s workforce is also made up of employees in the food service and health care industries, along with workers in the manufacturing and labor sector. What has stayed the same is the risk of serious job-related injuries that can sideline or end a career.

While handling a worker’s compensation claim on your own might at first seem the best way to save time and money, you need to understand the complexity of Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law. Going through a complex process without legal help only undermines what could be a valid work-related injury claim. Our attorneys at Douglas, Joseph & Olson Attorneys At Law offer skilled guidance for injured workers in Erie County and throughout northwest Pennsylvania.

What Steps Should I Take If I Was Hurt At Work In Erie?

Employers continue to fall short in ensuring the safety of all their employees from fatal and non-fatal accidents that were preventable. The most detailed and codified health and safety standards can only go so far. Falling short in any way regarding the protection of workers, mainly when proper monitoring is, at best, insufficient. In 2022, there were 123,400 workplace accidents in Pennsylvania.

Upon suffering an injury at work, you must immediately report the event to your employer. Time limits in the state require strict adherence. Any delays in informing your employer about the accident that injured you can result in a rejection of benefits. Our lawyers can help you prevent this from happening.

Do Employers In Erie Have To Provide Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Every Erie business with one or more staff members must provide workers’ compensation benefits, regardless of their job or when they joined their current employer. In addition to full-time employees, part-time and seasonal workers also qualify.

While workers’ compensation laws in the Keystone State are among the strictest in the nation, exceptions exist to the requirements. Certain employees may be exempt from Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws, including:

  • Federal workers
  • Dock workers
  • Railroad workers
  • Domestic laborers
  • Sole proprietors and LLC partners
  • Real estate sales staff or brokers paid 100% commission
  • Agricultural workers are paid less than $1,200 annually

Additionally, casual workers are defined as those who take an employment offer without a firm commitment to ongoing employment with an agreed-upon and consistent pattern of work performance.

The Workers’ Compensation Attorney You Choose Matters

Working with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer puts you in a strong position to get the money you and your family need. A fair and full recovery is the best way to avoid having a workplace injury cause catastrophic financial consequences.

Since 1994, we’ve stood on the side of injured workers in Erie County, Mercer County and Crawford County. We understand the types of issues that injured workers in our community face and how to present a strong and compelling case on their behalf. We proudly remain at the side of our clients at every step following a work-related accident.

If You’re Hurt At Work In Erie, Don’t Delay Speaking To An Attorney

Time is of the essence if you are hurt at work. Injured workers generally must report their injury to a supervisor within 21 days of the injury. If you do not report an injury after 120 days, it becomes difficult to make any recovery in most cases.

We offer our workers’ compensation clients a completely free case review, and there are no attorney fees unless we make a recovery on your workers’ compensation claim.

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