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How often are commercial truckers abusing drugs and alcohol?

If traveling alongside commercial trucks on Pennsylvania’s roadways makes you uneasy, your concerns may be justifiable, because when cars and trucks get into crashes, the people in the cars often suffer the most. Semi-trucks pose a threat to all motorists even under the best possible conditions, but regrettably, many truck drivers are also taking risks while on the job that can endanger everyone they encounter.

Government rule addresses fatigue among truckers

Driving any vehicle while tired can be dangerous. This is something people in Pennsylvania are well aware of yet this is something that commercial truckers, especially those who operate long-haul routes, may do on a regular basis. Fatigue can negatively impact a person's judgment and reaction times, thereby increasing the chance of making an incorrect action and getting into an accident. 

Sharing the road with big trucks in winter weather

Driving when poor visibility and treacherous conditions exist is challenging in passenger vehicles and even more so for 18-wheelers. Big rig drivers require exceptional skill and experience navigating in sleet, snow and freezing rain. The team at Douglas, Joseph & Olson Attorneys at Law have experience protecting the rights of clients injured in a crash with negligent trucking companies with inadequately trained or unqualified drivers.

Can the likelihood of truck accidents be predicted?

When a large truck has an accident in Pennsylvania, it often is the smaller vehicles that suffer the most damage and those drivers suffer the worst injuries. It is beneficial to everyone on the roads to help find ways to prevent trucking accidents. Many companies already have devices in place and use other methods to help predict drivers who are at risk of getting into an accident, according to Forbes.

Being aware of the hazards of driving around big rigs

You have probably heard stories about vehicles that were driving carelessly around a big rig and ended up getting in a serious accident. In fact, when you learned to drive, you were probably reminded of the importance of respecting the sheer size of semi-trucks. At Douglas, Joseph & Olson, we have helped many folks in Pennsylvania to overcome the consequences of being involved in a truck accident. 

Tips for driving safely around big trucks

If you have ever stood beside a semi-truck and examined its structure, you will realize just how large they are. Because they are so big, they are also much heavier and more difficult to stop. Understanding how to drive safely and responsibly around a big truck can help protect you and your passengers and encourage other drivers to be observant as well. Whenever you notice a truck on the road in Pennsylvania, be vigilant and courteous in passing. 

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